Sunday, October 25, 2009

Work Space

It is time to start doing creative indoor things.  It is getting too cold to go out in the gardens, and I feel the pull of needing to CREATE.  Every year it seems to be the same dilemma -- all of my materials come out to the dining room table, and then they STAY there, creating a very messy atmosphere.  I am trying to make a place just for working on my artwork.... There isn't a spare room for a studio, so I have taken over half of the living room.

  This is the organized part of my spot, 

But THIS is what it really looks like right now!

I went today to a local second hand store called "Scavengers" and found a great worktable! I was looking for something that would fit my space that was washable and very sturdy.   It has a porcelain or enamel top on heavy metal, with two "leaves" that can pull out from either side to increase the space.  It was $65.00.

I wish I could stay home from work tomorrow and play in my space!
Massive organizing needed!!!  How many plastic bins can a person have??!!

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