Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Girls Have Arrived

One of the most challenging projects for me to needlefelt is gnome women.  They don't have beards to hide their faces, so much time is spent on details.  I love the way their faces are all different.  Up until today, I have only made three gnomey-ones of the female persuasion......

This is Jehn, she was my first girl.

She was followed by Lark.....

and Willow.....
I think you will agree they will be a hard act to follow.  All three were made in the fall of 2007.
Sooooo, today I have decided that there will be two more ladies from under the stump.

Starting out is fairly easy.  I am using some nice white short fiber wool.  Then, I am adding a thin layer of flesh-tone.

Noses and cheeks are on and I can already see the different characters.

Eyes of black wool yarn, mouth of red wool

Maine gnome females have nice rounded bodies

All of the gnomes I have known have had gray hair.  I don't know if the younger ones are not allowed to socialize, or if gray is the color from birth.

This is Garnet.....


...and this is Honey.


Local Gnomefolk.  >M<


  1. Your Gnome women are such a treat! I love to see the details you put into them, and you are right, their personalities really are shining through.

  2. Awesome Girl Gnomes; they are adorable! Makes me smile ALOT !! :)